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List of Supporting Documents Required for ICANN Accreditation

Are you unsure about the supporting documents required to accompany your ICANN application form? ICANN does not provide a comprehensive list of required documents, only outlining a few on the application form. However, the actual number and types of documents necessary for successful ICANN accreditation far exceed those mentioned. In this blog we will discuss al the necessary documents to be bundled with your application form.

List of Supporting Documents Required for ICANN Accreditation
List of Supporting Documents Required for ICANN Accreditation

Becoming an ICANN accredited registrar with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a significant step for any organization looking to participate in domain name registration services. To achieve this accreditation, applicants must provide a comprehensive set of supporting documents that demonstrate their legal standing, financial stability, operational integrity, and compliance with ICANN’s rigorous standards. Here’s a detailed rundown of the essential documents you’ll need to prepare:

1. Articles of Incorporation or Business Registration Document

- This document verifies the legal existence and structure of your business entity. It typically includes details such as company name, registered address, and the purpose of the business.

2. Tax Registration Document

- A proof of registration with tax authorities, confirming your compliance with local tax regulations.

3. Shareholder Agreement / Ledger

- Documentation outlining the ownership structure of the company, including shareholder agreements or ledgers that detail the distribution of shares among owners.

4. One Piece of National ID of All Owners/ Directors/ Officers

- Copies of national identification documents (e.g., passport or driver's license) for all owners, directors, and officers of the company, ensuring transparency and accountability. This helps in expediting the background verification process. If you dont submit the ID it will add another 2 weeks in to the application process.

5. Business Plan

- A comprehensive business plan is essential for ICANN accreditation, detailing your operational strategy, target market, and financial projections. When outlining your business model, consider whether you will operate as a direct-to-consumer registrar, selling domain names directly to registrants. This model involves marketing directly to end-users and handling customer support independently. Alternatively, you may opt for a reseller model, where domain names are sold through resellers and channel partners. In this model, partnerships with resellers allow for broader market reach and distribution, leveraging existing customer bases and networks. Specify in your plan how you will attract and support resellers, manage relationships, and ensure compliance with ICANN regulations across all sales channels. Clear delineation of your chosen model and strategy will demonstrate your readiness to meet ICANN's accreditation requirements effectively.

6. Domain Registration Agreement (Sample or Draft)

- A sample or draft of the agreement that you will use with customers for domain registration services, demonstrating your readiness to adhere to ICANN policies and guidelines.

7. InfoSec/ AppSec Policy

- Information Security (InfoSec) and Application Security (AppSec) policies detailing measures to protect sensitive information and secure applications against threats.

8. Acceptable Use Policy

- A policy outlining acceptable uses of your services and defining prohibited activities to ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards.

9. Abuse & Compliance Policies

- Policies addressing abuse management procedures and compliance measures to prevent misuse of domain registration services and ensure adherence to ICANN regulations.

10. Bank Statement of 3-6 months

- Recent bank statements demonstrating the financial stability and viability of your business operations.

11. Tax Returns of Previous 2 Years

- Audited tax returns for the past two years, if applicable, providing a financial history of the company for ICANN’s review. If you are a newly registered company you can get a letter from a CA/ CPA that your company is in good standing and explain why tax return is not necessary and sign a letter on their letter head.

12. Good Standing Certificate

- A certificate issued by a Chartered Accountant (CA), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), or equivalent statutory tax auditor confirming your company’s good standing and compliance with financial obligations.

These supporting documents are crucial for demonstrating your organization’s capability to responsibly manage domain registration services under ICANN’s accreditation. They serve as evidence of your legal, financial, and operational readiness, helping to expedite the accreditation process and ensure compliance with ICANN’s stringent requirements.

Preparing these documents meticulously and ensuring they are up-to-date and accurate will strengthen your application and increase your chances of successfully obtaining ICANN accreditation. For more detailed guidance on the application process and document requirements, refer to ICANN’s official resources or consult with a specialized ICANN accreditation service provider.

Becoming an ICANN-accredited registrar opens doors to new business opportunities and enhances your credibility in the domain registration industry. Start gathering your documents today to embark on this exciting journey towards ICANN accreditation!

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